about owner and vision:
Claudio Guarino (b. 1982)

Owner of the Furniture Store


Claudio has 14 years of experience from the Danish furniture industry. He has worked both at Natuzzi, which is one of Italy's largest sofa manufacturers, and at Nyt I Bo, where Scandinavian design is paramount.

Holger Kvist and Aksel Dahl have been Claudio's teachers and provided him with a unique training and basic knowledge about furniture and design.

In both places, Claudio has worked with both private and more business-oriented interior design tasks, always with the passion for beautiful design and good craftsmanship in focus.

Over the years, he has designed many unique productions, where the product is adapted to the individual customer's needs, both in terms of tables, benches and rugs.


At Møbelforretningen, we are passionate about innovative design mixed with classic products in high quality and have the desire to offer our customers the best from the industry in both furniture and interior.

In the store, you will see classic and innovative furniture design in settings with ceramics, carpets and paintings - all with the aim of creating holistic experiences.

The desire is to create holistic experiences where both design, quality and the individual customer's needs are taken into account, but where both sight and sense of touch are stimulated at the same time.

The store's products are carefully selected with a focus on both design and craftsmanship. That is why we have, among other things, the negotiation of the Danish furniture designer Kai Kristensen's furniture