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A contemporary dining chair, mixing the best of modern automated production with the finest handcrafted woodworking, by Milan-based design studio INODA+SVEJE. It is a stacking chair, with fine lines and delicate details, it has the elegance and natural balance as the animal. The structure is minimal with carefully curated elements, giving the chair a light vitality. The slender legs are growing out of the soft, but still structural seat. The seat is the core structure of the chair, hidden by the smooth upholstery, which allows it to be lightweight and pleasantly cushioned as it is only a wood frame clad in fabric or leather. One of the many important details of the chair is the merging of the front legs with the seat structure and the upholstery, in continuity of form but with material contrast. This aspect is very present in the objects designed by the design duo. In addition, it is stackable up to 6 chairs. The same merging of the legs and the seat is gracefully divided by INODA+SVEJE’s recurrent sharp edge that separates the chair’s parts by utility. It happens as well, between the backrest part, where the person’s back is supported, that is divided from the remaining areas that don’t touch the body. The backrest has a polished fine continuity, with hidden delicate wood joints, all this provides a comfortable ergonomically pleasing position while sitting in the chair. This part of the chair also resembles the structure of a deer’s antlers. The hand-finished joints are a strong feature of the chair, demonstrating an exceptional attention to detail beyond common furniture. Overall the chair has a simple, slim and rigid structure, with remarkably organic and dynamic elements, giving a visually light and slim impression. Each angle and part has very lively proportions, like a wild animal, ready to jump. it is made by certified wood and upholstery in a contemporary production, mixing contemporary computer aided with sublime traditional craftsmanship, it is produced in Japan by Karimoku Furniture.




Category Stacking chair
Materials Wood, Fabric or Leather upholstery
Wood types Oak, Walnut, Wenge
Dimensions W43 D48.5 H80 SH45 cm
Weight (kg) 4 kg

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