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The emo couch represents the lines that only passion can create. With its dimensions and style security, the sofa is ideal for both living room and office space.

The Emo sofa in the home creates a sense of coziness and quality.

It is extremely comfortable, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Chair / Width 77/65 cm Depth 88/60 cm Height 74/40 cm

2 - Seats / Width 142/130 cm Depth 88/60 cm Height 74/40 cm

3 - Seats / Width 207/195 cm Depth 88/60 cm Height 74/40 cm

Seat: pine frame with steel springs inserted.

Seat cushion with a core of 40 kg cold foam.

Frame built of European plywood. Upholstered with 40 kg fire retardant cold hardened foam.

Back cushion made from a mixture of down and fiber balls.

Leg: Oak bone, white oil finish.

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